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Esk'etemc Post-Secondary

The Esk’etemc seeks to encourage, support, and assist  members to access post- secondary education opportunities. The intended goal is for students to graduate from their respective programs of study with the skills, qualifications and competencies to pursue their chosen careers or employment and to recognize their full potential.


Esk'etemc seeks to provide quality education that allow our students to:

  • Attain balance in the intellectual and well-being of each individual

  • Understand and appreciate Secwepemc culture

  • Acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to be lifelong learners

  • Gain the necessary skills to obtain employment

  • To build work place capacity within the Esk'etemc community

Esk'etemc classes

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Esk'etemc Community Education Coordinator

Frieda Belleau