Cathy's Daycare Fees/Benefits

Monthly Fees:  


• $670/month (Fee Reduction $350) – Group infant/toddler (under 36 months) care

              Total monthly cost to family= $320

• $420/month (Fee Reduction - $100) - 3/4 years

              Total monthly cost to family= $320


Re: Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative


For your information, Cathy’s Daycare has been approved to opt in to the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) to reduce parent fees.


Parent fee reduction amounts that Cathy’s Daycare receive are prescribed by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and are based on type of care. The amount(s) Cathy’s Daycare receive are to reduce parent fees for full-time care, per child, are listed below (part-time enrollments will receive a pro-rated amount):




Parents will be emailed/delivered invoices within the first week of each month. Payments are due by 18th of each month.


Payments for Daycare can be set up for auto withdrawal- please contact Connie Paul at the Band office 250 440 5611 or via email cpaul@esketemc.ca


Affordable Childcare Benefit:


We also encourage all families to apply for the Affordable Childcare Benefit (ACCB) to cover 100% of childcare costs. Any family income of less than $110,000 will qualify. Please use the link below for the online application or ask Karen if you have any questions. Paper based forms are also available.


Affordable Childcare Benefit Application:


For any questions please contact Karen Litke 250 440 5611 or cathysdaycare@sxoxomic.ca